Monopoli is a town rising on the Adriatic coast, about 40 km far from Bari, the capital
of the province. The town is bounded by Polignano a Mare on the north, by Fasano and
Alberobello on the east, by the small towns of Castellana Grotte and Conversano on the west.
Its climate, due to a frequent alternation of winds from north and south, is definitely mild. Most
people work in the tourist sector, agricultural production and especially in the oil and food
packaging industry.


Monopoli was born in 545 A.D. after the destruction of the town of Egnatia, an important harbour linking Rome to Greece, due to Totila, the king of the Goths. Monopoli followed the destiny of Southern Italy, by passing through the domination of Byzantines, Normans, Swabians and Angevins. After the convention of Cognac, Venetians handed the town over to Spain, ruled by the king Charles V. The peace of Utrecht (1713) brought about the Austrian rule and in 1734 the Bourbons definitely settled in this area. An ancient town, rich in culture, history and tradition.

Monopoli rises from the sea and lives on the sea, even its saints come from the sea. The narrow and winding lanes of the Old Town, the olive trees and dry stone walls in the country remind old and fascinating flavours.

Hisory of Bellavista Suite

This ancient building of the sixteenth century made out of the historical town walls of Monopoli
was bought back in 1944 by “granddad” Donato Perricci, and granny Lucrezia DiMola, who had lived for long time in this wonderful house with their three children, among them Giovanni Perricci who inherited it from his parents.

In 2006 Roberto Perricci, in his turn, inherited this pearl of the Adriatic sea and turned it into a luxury bed and breakfast. After the first years of investments and important renovations, always careful to meet guests’ requirements, now Roberto proposes 4 refined suites, each with different characteristics by offering a service which is unlike that of a hotel, with a special attention to welcome, hospitality and details. Today Bellavista is a magical place where spending unique moments while being rocked by the noise of the sea, intoxicated with its scents and the colours of the enchanting natural show of the sunrise.